Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dead Parrot Outsmarts Abysmal British Quarantine

avian bird flu
An infected parrot being fed and watered at a British quarantine facility has been found to have H5N1 avian bird flu and been killed.

Whilst this gives the appearance that the quarantine system works, the reality is that the system failed. You see the British traced back the origin of the parrot to Suriname a South American location, surprisingly a location without avian bird flu.

So shaky is the actual inter-quarantine facilities that blame was placed on poor Taiwan since they have bird flu and Taiwanese birds were in quarantine at the time. Ignoring the how part of spreading infection between quarantined species, that Taiwan farm has been tested and found clear of avian bird flu.

So where did the parrots avian bird influenza originate? Guess what, no one knows.

You can only imagine the behind the scenes lax British quarantine security that allows animals from different shipments to intermingle, creating a cross contamination mixing pot that has proven to defeat the intention of quarantine.

Consider also the inept British investigation team that without any facts immediately blamed an innocent country for their infections, only to be caught short. You see from their own records the dead infected birds arrived on September 16th, and the Taiwan birds on the 27th September, so this scenario was never going to work.

Don't these people watch CSI, my 10 year old daughter could have figured that one out!

Given the competency demonstrated the quarantine facilities should be closed immediately and all imports of animals ceased to protect the British public.